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The Corruption Prevention Network (CPN) aims to promote preventive capability in both public and private sectors. It is an incorporated body and operates through an organising committee of elected volunteers and a wider council that implemements the CPN's initiatives. Activites are of interest to those working in governance, risk, compliance as well as fraud and corruption prevention

The CPN's strength is in it membership. We welcome participation. There are a number of ways to do this:

  • You can subscribe to our email network here.
  • Once you have subscribed, you can learn about our free seminars and other activities.
  • You can attend our annual CPN forum.
  • If you like what we do, you can become a council member and participate in the conduct of these events.
CP Lunchtime SEminars Return

The forward program for the CPN's popular lunchtime information sharing seminars are as follows:

17 May:     Procedural Fairness and Procedural Justice:  While public officials are legally obliged to comply with the principles of ‘procedural fairness’, non-public officials should be aware of the benefits likely to flow from complying with the principles of ‘procedural justice’ developed over the past 40 years as part of Justice Theory. Register to atttend here.

21 June:     Conflict of interest and ethical decision making - Howard Whitton, Ethicos Group.

19 July:       Barriers to Communication: Effective communication with the parties to a complaint may not be as straight forward as we might like to assume.

16 August: Strengthening employment screening practices in the NSW public sector - Dr Ben Marx and Emma Fabiansson ICAC.

 18 Oct         Restoration of Relationships:  Learn about strategies to assist complaint handlers restore their relationships with complainants that have broken down, and preferably to help prevent such relationships from breaking down in the first place. 

 15 Nov:      ICAC Update.

SAve the date: Tuesday 5 September 2017 is the next  CPN FORUM

The CPN Annual Forum represents a value for money opportunity to network and learn from others. It will be held at Dockside Darling Harbour. 


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Upcoming Events

5th Sep 20172017 CPN Forum

Join us and learn how your organisation can become more resilient to fraud and corruption and improve governance risk and compliance at the CPN forum. Attendees will have an unparalleled opportunity t...